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more powerplants
more powerplants
June 16, 2022

Today's paddle down the Mississippi brought me past two powerplants: the Sherco coal plant in Becker, and the Monticello nuclear plant. Thankfully, it looked as though the Sherco plant was not operating.

It's crazy to keep burning coal, with everything we know about how it's fucking up the climate. And it's crazy to put a nuclear plant upstream of tens or hundreds of millions of people who depend on the Mississippi for their drinking water.

One thing on this trip that has been pretty fascinating to track is the electric charge of my various devices. Principally my cell phone, but also the two batteries I brought to charge it. The larger of the two I keep plugged into a solar panel all day. Today it started at 0% charge, but it's now at 93%. It will be at 100% by nightfall. It can charge the phone 3-4 times on one full charge.

There is another way.