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confluences - the Ohio
confluences - the Ohio

This is the view from the confluence between the Mississippi and Ohio, looking up the Ohio towards Cairo, IL.

I wish I could feel better about this confluence, but it just really has sucked for me. The good, strong, regular current of the river between St. Louis and Cairo has died off to almost nothing, fitful bursts that come with a lot of turbulent waves. The confluence itself is basically a large, shallow lake with a sandy bottom and a channel on the left, or Kentucky, bank.

The water has gotten clearer, which has enabled me to see more fish and turtles, which is interesting. And who knows, maybe the current will pick up later, when the river is not so wide.

I am now connected to water that covers a huge swath of the upper US. The Ohio has brought in a big chunk of the midwest and upper south: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, all the way up to upstate New York.