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day 50
day 50
July 18, 2022

Day 50, July 18. Measurements: none. Miles today: 0.

Today was a rest-and-errands sort of day. I slept in a bit, went to a fun breakfast spot in downtown St. Louis called the Rooster. Got my first professional haircut in years, which is kind of funny because the style I was going for was "please cut off all of my hair." My hair served a real purpose up in northern Minnesota, keeping some of the mosquitoes at bay. Now, in this heat, it's just a liability. It was kind of fun to feel pampered at the barbershop - not something I'm used to at all.

Then I took the Brompton and hopped on a train out to the western suburbs, where there's an REI. I got a bunch of stuff, but the main thing was a new water filter to replace the one I lost a part for in the river, above LaCrosse.

Then back down and more errands: laundromat, pharmacy, brewery, etc.

And then my old friend Juliet came to visit at my airbnb with her husband and kids. We ate pizza, caught up, I taught the kids how to ring the bell on the Brompton (this high five was in reaction to a successful bell-ring, one of many). And then I felt tired, and mostly just got things ready to go tomorrow, to move out of this temporary home and back out on the river.