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confluences: the St. Croix
confluences: the St. Croix
June 22, 2022

The St. Croix is the first river that has conjoined with the Mississippi since the Willow up near Palisade that came in clearer and darker than the Miss.

It was pretty intense, actually. The Mississippi has gotten very turbid indeed in the last fifty miles or so, as the Crow and Minnesota (and much smaller Vermillion) have added their loads of silt.

And then here comes the St. Croix, as clear and dark as the Miss was coming out of Lake Bemidji. I tested it in the turbidity tube: too clear to test, greater than 61cm.

Also for the first time (that I've noticed, anyway) these little pools of clear water made their way to the center of the stream, rather than staying at one edge (the left bank, in this case).

This is anthropomorphic, but I couldn't help thinking the St. Croix was reminding the Mississippi what it used to be, several hundred miles and maybe two weeks ago.