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days 21-22
days 21-22
June 21, 2022

Days 21 and 22, June 19 and 20.
Measurements: none.

I took a couple of days off from the river in the Twin Cities, to reset and recharge a bit, and to further perfect my setup.

After the parties on Saturday, I slept at home in my own bed in St. Paul. It's fascinating how something like that can feel both incredibly new and exciting, and also like you never left.

On Sunday I had a wonderful brunch at Reverie, then did a mess of errands, including getting myself a new, much lighter paddle, a bug net for my camp hammock (which will allow me greater flexibility - no need to put up a tent every time), a new lifestraw bottle and hat to replace the ones I lost, and more.

Sunday night, Jesse came over and we watched the Northman, which was incredible. Monday morning, Sam and I went to Modern Times, and in the evening got together with my former colleagues Karlee and Dave.

It's been really lovely to just sit for awhile and rest. My arms feel much better.

[Photo courtesy Sam, of flowers in the backyard bistro]