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the owlet
the owlet
June 08, 2022

When I was hiking from the canoe at the shore, through the pestilential swamp between the river proper and the hill up to the road and safety at Shanai's house, I came across this poor little owlet, sitting forlornly at the edge of a dirty puddle. It may go without saying, but the poor thing was being absolutely swarmed by mosquitoes. I had no idea what to do.

When I mentioned it to the crew in the house, however, they flew into action. Bea got a box, and we went down to check it out. Over the course of the night, folks considered different courses of action. In the end, they brought it into one of the bunkhouses, still in its box. In the morning, they fed it some tuna from a can and gave it water, which I hear it guzzled. As of now, the most recent I've heard is that it's doing well.

Feel better, little friend.