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day 8
day 8
June 06, 2022

Day 8, 6/6. Measurements just downstream of the confluence with the Vermillion river: turbidity >61cm, nitrate and nitrite just above the 0 mark, I think. It can be hard to tell.

Woke up today in Schoolcraft State Park. Earlier than I have been getting up, but later than I've been hoping to, around 7. Packed up and got out - again, pushed out on the river by the mosquitos.

Paddled the seventeen miles into the Cohasset/Grand Rapids area. It felt like a lot more. The river in this section just doesn't move at all. And up until now, I've mostly had help from the wind - not so, today. It was a mild wind, but between having to mostly go into it and having no current, I really had to fight for every mile.

The bike ride from Pokegama dam into Grand Rapids was very unpleasant: a shoulder next to a fast five-lane road, and then the shoulder disappears once you hit the proper town. I found an alternate route a block away that was much less intimidating.

Made my way on bike to the library, which is just downstream of the paper mill. Supposedly there is, or was, a campsite there. I got differing opinions on whether it still formally exists from the librarians inside, but all that was academic, as the spot was underwater.

So I pulled the ripcord and got my first motel room of the trip so far, at the Itascan. It's about the worst motel I've ever been in, and I love it. It's perfect. My goodness, does a shower sound nice.

Tonight, I'm going to treat myself to more than just sleeping in a bed. I'm going out to eat, and to a movie. It sounds ridiculously luxurious.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get up early and get out, maybe make it as far as Swimming Bear. We'll see.